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Returns Policy

  • We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase. Just return your goods for a full refund within 15 days of the purchase date. Goods to be returned at your own cost.

Your right to cancel

  • If you are a UK customer, you have the legal right, under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 to cancel your order within fourteen working days following your receipt of the goods. Refunds for orders cancelled under the provisions of the Consumer Contracts Regulations will be processed in accordance with your legal rights.
  • If you wish to cancel (or are considering cancelling) a product you have ordered from us, please be aware of the following terms that apply:
  • Cancelled products: If you want to cancel products that are not damaged or incorrectly supplied, then you must inform us of this within fourteen working days following the date of receipt (by post, phone or e-mail only) in accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations or otherwise as soon as possible. You must take reasonable care of the products that you wish to cancel and not use them. Products must be returned to us in their original packaging at your own cost. You must take reasonable care to ensure that the returned goods are not damaged in transit. If you do not exercise reasonable care and the goods are damaged in transit we may make a claim against you for breach of this statutory duty.
  • Damaged or incorrectly supplied products: You should check all products you receive against your order. If the products you receive are obviously damaged you should note the details of any damage on the delivery documentation or if you are unable to view the items on receipt, you must inform us (by post, phone or e-mail only) within a reasonable period of time. We will then arrange for the return or replacement of the item.